Bully Dog 3406, C15, C16 upgraded ceramic manifold 85200 Kenworth/Peterbilt

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Reduced turbo lag, Lower EGT's 80-100 F, Increase fuel mileage 0.2-0.3 mpg, 28-32 hp increase.

No leaks, No warping, No cracking. Thicker manifold flanges and exhaust manifold walls. 100% Made In The USA.

Capitalize on the fuel savings and horsepower gains with our exhaust manifold. Don't take the chance of being stranded on the road from a failed OEM exhaust manifold.

For Kenworth/Peterbilt. Ceramic coated exhaust manifold. 3406E 14.6L '95-'98, 15.8L '95-'98, C-15 14.6L '99-'03, C-16 15.8L '99-'03. Includes turbo studs. Replaced OEM center part# 146-9445.